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Visitors come from all over to hang out with us on Monday mornings. Why are these people flocking to DC from Baltimore, Boston, NY, SF, etc. etc.?? There’s a secret sauce that we gave to the animal before it got out of the cage in the glass house. What’s that mean? We’re bringing out the incredible people, changing a city, and possibly (rumored) shifting the mother of ships. All for $0.

So if you’re lacking the motivation to crawl out of bed for a run or to throw on those shorts after work, forget trying to do that all by yourself. Life is more fun with friends. Especially hundreds of them. People that when they ask ‘how are you?’ actually want to know how you are. People that will smile at you, ask your name, give you a giant bear hug, and say ‘I’m glad you’re here this morning’. People that want to get to know you, hang out with you, and not flake on plans (for drinks, dinner, lunch, workouts, yadda yadda).

Still anxious or nervous? Bring a friend. Still not ready? Know that ALL levels of fitness are represented at November Project. Think you’re too young, too old, too fat, too slow? IT’S NOT TRUE. That’s just another one of the EXCUSES we tell ourselves. So get those voices out of your head and replace them with ours.

Here’s all that we ask:



3. Move with us for 35-45 minutes (including hug time)

The rest (making friends, building community, laughing) will all fall into place if you do those three things.


We’ll see you out there. For now, here’s the FUN STUFF:

Sunday, August 30th: Tagging party. We’re painting shirts, shorts, and whatever else you bring us. Time is TBD. Meridian Hill Park.

August 30th, 31st, and Sept. 2nd: We’re taking Yearkbook Photos. Take a look at the previous one for an idea of what this means. Get your photo taken on one of the three days. Live forever in a FB album.



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