Track Recipe (YEG)

NPCanada Track Workout Recipe

100m spint

20 pushups

100m walking lunges or bear crawls

20 I-T-Ws (don’t know what that is? Should have shown up-ask someone Wednesday, they’ll show you-they’re super fun!)

100m race

20 plank jacks

100m lateral squats or crab walks

20 situps

2 police officers

A dash of sweat

A handful of mosquito bites

Bake for 30 minutes

Garnish with a group photo and 3 or more hips-in-hugs


Guess talking recipes and receiving jam and lasagne from the tribe today influenced this morning’s blog post.

I need to go have breakfast now…

See you all Wednesday – GATE 2 – Commonwealth Stadium – 5:57AM…Bounce commences at 5:59AM SHARP!

We’ll be tagging #grassrootsgear Friday at Emily Murphy Hill during #hillsforbreakfast


Until next time…SMILE! J

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