Never Give Up. Because then the Mayor comes to NP.

There are lots of motivational quotes about persistence and determination.

Never give up.

Never ever ever give up.

Keep trying.

Good things come to those who believe.  Better things come to those with patience.  The best things come to those who never give up.

Ok, ok…you get the idea.

November Project achieved something great today–mostly because we have never given up on recruiting our city’s Mayor to a workout, but also mostly because we never give up just being dedicated to changing the world through weekly fierce and free workouts.  By being a consistent face of Free Fitness in Boston, we not only get fit in the meantime, but we become reliable forces of fitness and community to everyone out there.  We recruit hard, and sometimes people give you the #verbal, but many take a long time of realizing this isn’t just a flash in the pan for YOU…and your consistency becomes a motivation to others.  They often want to do it with you because it’s a part of your life, not because you just went once and it was pretty amazeballs.

But if we actually documented how long and hard NP and individual tribe members have been working to welcome Mayor Marty Walsh to a workout, the world would be amazed that we either hadn’t gotten him here yet, or that we hadn’t just given the hell up.  Apparently, he’s a busy dude and we understand he has a lot of responsibilities in Boston.  But like all of us, he deserves to be fit, healthy, and happy.  He deserves a super inclusive community that will hug him and accept him no matter how fast, slow, fit, not, cool, weird, fashionable, or popular he is.  He deserves November Project and the incredible way we are positively impacting the city of Boston.

So, we’ve asked.  We’ve begged.  We’ve negotiated.  We’ve tweeted, facebook shamed, and social media “pressed” the man for a long time.  We’ve used our connections and said please.  We’ve even held Destination Deck on City Hall Plaza hoping we would cause so much noise and chaos that he came out to tell us to be quiet or go away.

But today, in Carter Park, right in a central spot in Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh #JustShowedUp.  He came in a very understated way.  No security, no cameras.  No pre-workout tweet or media-hungry #verbal-dropping.  He just came in a hoodie and his Pats hat.  He put his head down and he went to work.

We all did a 3 min warm up of fast feet in place with intermittent burpees.  The Mayor held his own.  We then did a giant 16-minute circuit around the park, including two different sections of sprints, one section of side-shuffles, one section of lunges, one section of burpees by the backstop, and a sideways bear crawl up the bleachers section.  It was definitely hard, and super fun.  We gave out the Positivity Award and took our group photo, just like usual.  But it was a special day.  Because we haven’t given up.  We never gave up on Marty.  We don’t give up on our friends who haven’t YET chosen to show up.  But we keep going–working hard, having fun, and making amazing memories in this wicked awesome community.  And we keep changing the world.

Don’t forget:

This is #CommunityWeek so make sure you show up on Wed and Fri, and try out any and all the other free fitness sweet-nothings that Boston is whispering in your ear. Check out the challenge and some of the offerings out there.

Wednesday we run stairs in the stadium.  There will be something/someone/someawesomeness this week.  It’s so cool it’s hot.  It’s so fun it’s straight-face boring.  It’s so NP it’s FOMO in the making.  Don’t miss it.  Maybe keep it a secret though so it’s more intimate.  Yeah, tell no one.  Wait, tell everyone.  Tell EVERYONE!!!

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