Twos Tonight & Jailbreak Sunday (DCA)

Not THIS sunday. Pls read on.


SUNDAY afternoon (time tbd, but plan on mid-afternoon until evening to late evening) #NP_DC along with all twenty-five of our bro and sis tribes across the country and in the country above us will be PARTYcipating in BETTER THAN BED TIME. What could possibly be better than my bed time you ask. CHECK IT OUT. THESE ARE THE DEETS from the mouth of BG, one half of the cofoundation corporation of the OG NP, himself.

Now that you’ve thoroughly skimmed the linked blog, let’s get specific. In DC, we’ll be running around like the ex-politico convicts we are, in full on JAILBREAK theme.

What’s that you ask. You have a lot of questions. GET CREATIVE. Think black and white stripes. All COSTUMES will be BLACK and WHITE. All PICTURES will be in BLACK and WHITE.

If you have an extra prison guard uniform, WEAR IT.

If you have a weird collection of striped jumpsuits, WEAR THEM.


Marathon the internet today devouring lists like, “22 celebrities that were jailed AFTER they were famous”

If Martha Steward is your mom’s BFF, recruit her. Tell her to bring snacks.

(Hahaha, TIM THE TOOL MAN WENT TO JAIL. The possibilities are endless.)

Be a bride who went to jail on her wedding day. Make up a backstory.

POINT IS, little jailbird, it’s time to get in costume, and break out. Run the streets like a DC escapee and yes, it will be better than your bedtime.

OTHER things of importance.

LOG your PR time from today HERE. That is the infamous tracker we’re always going on and on about. It’s important. You’ll want it come next PR day, when you want to remember your time from this one to see if you can beat it!

FRIDAY we’ll be at the Congressional Cemetery. Dress in all out ninja black. Head to toe. Get creepy with it. (But listen to Steve and wear your reflectors there.)

TONIGHT we’ll be at Sauf Haas two celebrate TWO years of November Project in DC! Come one. Come all. Drink a beer. Meet some people. See everyone in their hottie normal non-workout clothes. Drink another beer. Eat a pretzel. SEE YOU THERE! 7pm.

AANNDDDD if you happened to miss the 5:30 workout, do not let yourself miss this GIRL. WHITNEY SUFLAS TF(positivity)W.



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