Grassrootsgear, RPS and Low Quality Photos (PHL)

Last night meteorologists projected 100% chance of rain for 6:30 this morning.  100 PERCENT!?  That’s a lot of percents.  Fortunately, upon arrival at the Art Museum there was no rain to speak of.  Though damp and eerily dark, it was not raining. BOOM.  As the crowd gathered, shirts were thrown down and tagged with the BIG HELP of Meg Murphstein and Matt Skioli — if you see these two give them a hug, firm butt smack…whatever you have to do to show your thanks.  Seriously…thank you!

Today we ran the loop of the top deck in a musical chairs sort of sequence.  Depending on where people were at the sound of the cowbell meant hoistees, leg throws, burpees or push-ups.  As the workout progressed, we speeded the running up and added more cowbell for better effect.  Afterward, we met at the bottom of the stairs for 2, epic, Rock/Paper/Scissors games.  People paired off, whoever lost had to run to the top of the stairs and do 10 reps of a workout of the winner’s choosing.  The last two standing were rewarded with some swag generously donated by Philly Runner.  THANK YOU.

We crowd surfed our buddy Mike for his birthday — Happy Birthday dude!  And Kristen took down our #PositivityAward this week.  Kristen has been coming for a few weeks now.  Initially Kristen had reservations about our fitness “cult,” but Kristen, I ask you…doesn’t the kool-aid taste good?  Thanks for bringing it each week, your positivity and energy is infectious!

Finally, I apologize for the quality of the photos this week. Utterly terrible.

FRIDAY wear you finest Halloween costume…it should be goooood.

NOV 8th – BETTER THAN BEDTIME – Theme: Dalmations…Additional details to follow, for now, read more here:

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