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I mentioned this in the bounce this morning but I would like to say it again: I love shitty weather. Getting up early in the morning before the sun comes up ( or decides not to) running through rain and cold makes us different, it sets you apart. The reason our community is so tightly knit is because of that perseverance. We enjoy being around each other because in the faces of our fellow tribe members we see a little bit of ourselves, we see some grit. 

I mentioned grit this morning.

The KIPP school system is a huge proponent of grit in their students. No one else really talks about it, but KIPP is all about GRIT. Here is how they define it.

-Finished whatever s/he began

-Stuck with a project or activity for more than a few weeks

-Tried very hard even after experiencing failure

-Stayed committed to goals

-Kept working hard even when s/he felt like quitting 

It’s because of this trait and traits like it that we call our “group” a “tribe.” Normal groups of people do not wake up beyond normal hours to get together, groups cancel when it storms, groups don’t get together and do yoga in the rain. Our grit is what makes us a tribe and being in a tribe comes with its advantages.

So, you might ask…beyond Wednesdays, how can I go about surrounding myself with gritty tribe people who like to stick it to mother nature and prefer to enjoy life scalding hot out of a travel thermos?

Here are my ten suggestions on how to get the most out of your tribe experience. The tribe is so much more than just a morning workout group and my intention is to help everyone tap into that. It may involve exiting your comfort zone a little but I believe that these things will take your experience from “morning workout group” to “life altering friendship explosion.”

1. Talk to strangers: This is first for a reason. The tribe is a safe space full of weird, wonderful individuals. Talk to them. Talk to them about anything. Talk to them about your obsession with Tapanga from Boy Meets World. We promise, no subject is too weird.

2. Smile: SHUT UP NICK, DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY FACE! This seems like a stupid suggestion one but it makes a difference. Don’t roll into the bounce looking like a Dementor, crack a grin for chrissake. This will go a long way towards having a great time.

3. Work hard:  Wednesday mornings are fun for lots of reasons. We see our friends, we hang out, we talk about our favorite My Little Ponies..it’s great. However, Wednesdays are also a time to kick as much ass as available. You set the pace, remember that. If you work hard everyone will. Friendship comes to those who burpee. KEEP MOVING!

4.Dance occasionally: IF you are not in the middle of an exercise ask yourself a couple of questions.

A. Should I be? I only have 45 minutes, am I kicking my own ass hard enough?

B. Is this an opportunity for me to be dancing?

If the answer the A is no, then the obvious correct answer to the next question is “Hell to the Yes.” Of course you should be dancing. Dancing is not only good for the soul but it allows you to put some weird out there. Putting weird out into the world is the best way to make friends with your tribe members. Don’t be afraid to do this on occasion.

5. Use the Social Group: We recognize not everyone is on Facebook. That’s totally fine, this is only one way to reach out. However, there is a SOCIAL GROUP on Facebook. If you have been to a workout, please, enter the group. If you haven’t been yet, show up before asking for admittance.

If you are not in the social group but want to be, ask some of the key tribe members ( they are the ones working and hugging hardest) and ask them if they are in the group. Introduce yourself, get their name, friend them on Facebook and have them add you. This is where all of the social activity goes down ( aptly named, we know) and it’s a great way to meet up with folks for beer, schnitzel, bratwurst, depressing french films and really good burritos. ( #bestburritointown).

We hate to rely too heavily on social media but it’s a great way to connect. We promise it’s not creepy, you’ll have a whole new view on your city after joining.

6. Come up front for your Birthday: If it’s your birthday, get booyah’d. Just do it

7. Share your wisdom: Think of the tribe as a big melting pot of experiences and knowledge with a hint of crazy. We all have things to offer, whether it’s advice on how to bike in the city, the best food in town, how to hang an enormous heavy painting or training advice for your next marathon. If you’re an expert on something, help wherever you can.  If you throw yourself into the melting pot I promise, when you need HVAC installed in your newly purchased row home a hero will come to your rescue. ( By the way, just bought a house…could use some plumbing assistance. I also cannot actually promise that previous statement. Just a disclaimer.)

8. Recruit: If you like coming to NP_BAL, bring someone new with you. They may not love it at first, in fact they may quit, but they’ll never know until they come. But it also might change their life. Bringing them may also change yours. They may become one of the most outrageous, fastest, kickass tribe member of all time and you’ll be the one we have to thank.

But seriously, if you feel like the tribe is just a workout group, bring someone new and experience it through their eyes. They may give you a whole new perspective and then you can tackle the occasionally overwhelming nature of the tribe together. Don’t go it alone, bring a friend!

Also, wear #grassrootsgear on occasion. You never know who might actually know what the hell your shirt means and want to talk to you.

9. Spread love: The goal of November Project is to spread positivity. Carry that with you every day. People will notice, even if all you get in return is a stupid stick.

10. Step out of your comfort zone: I have been coming to NP since…well, since before it was NP. I didn’t have to do that whole, HI, i’m new here dance. But I have watched lots and lots of people come through and do that dance and my biggest advice to anyone is this : Get the hell out of your comfort zone. If something in the morning really challenges you, maybe even scares you, identify that feeling and then conquer it. Whether it’s talking to that cute guy for the first time, trying a hoistie with a stranger , yelling “Fuck Yeah” or maybe it’s just showing u for the first time. Try it. If it doesn’t work out, so the hell what. You’re better for it.

Alright…the tools are in your hands. Go get your weird on.









Thank you to this week’s #Positivityaward winner LA Finfinger. Not only are you positive as hell, but that yoga thing you do is on point.

As Always,

Take Big Bites Out of Life,



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