Cheetahs, Wizards, and …Jeff? (SD)

Zombies can’t run for shit. Frankenstein, forget it. Mummies are just too stiff. And ghosts, they don’t even walk, let alone run. Witches fly brooms because they hate to sweat, and clowns are just plain creepy. But November Project tribe members, ooo boy do they run fast. And I mean scary fast. PR fast.

You all brought your A game this morning, San Diego. You showed up, banned together, and took down those hills, and smashed those burpees like pumpkins the day after Halloween.

And some of you even dressed up. Mad props to Katie B, Jeff, and Mr. Wizard himself – Keith. Enjoy that hard earned BooBerry Keith!
Be happy. Be strong. Be bright. Be spooky!
Tales from the crypt:
#MayhemMonday: Next week we are at Kate Sessions Park, and we’ll be tagging #grassrootsgear. Bring a shirt, leave with sweet gear. For the month of November, we’ll be visiting some NP throwbacks, Boston style!
#betterthanbedtime: November 8th – “Mimes vs Ninjas”. Meet at OB Pier, 3:30PM, all black and white costumes and photos only. We will run a little to a secret location, at which point we will par-tay!

Make sure to record your PRs today on the tracker (and sign up if you haven’t yet)! 



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  1. Thank you for everything you do, great job on the blog, I love it!

    The tracker link to sign up or record PRs isn’t working…

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