Twelve Days of Christmas (BAL)

Leslie is the only one that gets to celebrate Christmas this year. The only one. Because her badass self completed 5:30’s jingley torture and continued through 6:30. You serious, Clark? The rest of us peasants only get to celebrate 10 days of joy and deliciousness. The remaining days will be spent listening to Hanson’s Mmm Bop on repeat.

Thank you to NP Canada (aka Edmonton) for getting us into the Christmas spirit as we celebrated the [almost] 12 days of Christmas!


We have no use for turtle doves, pipers, or drummers. We did have lords a leaping and ladies dancing to Nick Jonas though (welcome to NP_BAL). So we brushed the rest aside and made one epic stair and body workout to remember: one set of Rash Field stairs to be followed by  an increasing # circuit workout: 2 burpees, 3 lunges, 4 toe touches, fiveeeee hoistiesssssssssss (must be sung to find a partner), and so on.


Today was also our fierce Emily SQ’s last day. From  Morning Mayhem to November Project Baltimore – this firecracker has seen and supported all, and will take home the original NP_BAL positivity award – a broken stool leg! She will be missed and we will only allow her to be gone one month at a time. Forever is too long!


Psst congrats to Mercedes for her epic positivity award win today! And thank you for everyone that joined us for #CITYGLOW this past weekend. It was unreal and we are proud of what this weatherproof tribe can accomplish.

Hips in hugs always,

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