12 Days of NP Christmas (YEG)

With 12 days left before Christmas, I gave to my true love…… Apparently that’s NOT how the song goes. There are 12 days of Christmas? This might be the most confusing thing of all time. Did Baby Jesus have 12 birthdays a year? Is this one of those “everyday is my birthday” things? Does anyone actually get presents for 12 days? Is Day 1 on December 14th or December 25th? If carolers come to your door and sing this song, is it ok to ask them to do a different song instead? Is this the Christmas equivalent of The Song That Never Ends? This song brings up too many questions. I wish it was as simple as PaRumPaPumPum…

Fact of the Day: It would cost you $116,273 USD to  each time it was mentioned in the song. However, since we are all about free fitness, here’s how much each of our exercises would cost you.

1 – Lap around Churchill Square (12 x $0)
2 – Burpee Things (22 x $0)
3 – Sumo Squats (30 x $0)
4 – Tricep Dips (36 x $0)
6 – Mountain Climbers (42 x $0)
7 – Box Jumps (42 x $0)
8 – Plank Taps (40 x $0)
9 – Mummy Runs (36 x $0)
10 – Push-ups (30 x $0)
11 – Jumping Jacks (22 x $0)
12 – Split Jumps (12 x $0)

After tax, shipping and handling, your total cost of free fitness would be $0. The math checks out.

I wonder what a newbie would think of this workout?


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