Too Cool for School

What up world!? Here is your workout recap for Wednesday February 5th, 2014, the year of the Horse:

Weather Notes:
Today your Mile High tribe stood up to the bitter snark of Mother Nature, bundled in layers of wool, goose-down, and flandex. With a generous weather report of  -5F at good morning bounce-time, we embraced the brisk conditions, eager for the workout ahead.  Check out our FB gallery for photos of eyelash icicles and frozen beards. A huge thanks goes out to Denver Public Works for their snow and ice removal efforts at Civic Center this morning. We all know that you are just doing your job, but we know you guys are looking out for us. Much respect.

We Missed You Notes:
There were a lot of you unaccounted for this AM. The tribe zealously name dropped the multitude of broken verbals, emphatically exposing the BS texts received this AM referring to ‘comforter kidnapping’, ‘cough cough snooze‘, and ‘wardrobe malfunction’. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We missed you, but we had a fuckin’ blast this morning.  Redeem yourself Friday at Governor’s Park Hill. You know what time.

Workout Notes:
The tribe broke out of the confines of the Amphitheater and explored new terrain in Civic Center Park. Running the DogBone ™ circuit, the tribe looped a 0.334-mile course from the Amphitheater to the Reflecting Pool. We pushed our leg speed on the open stretches and uncovered some hidden muscle groups through bounds, leaps, and shuffles over the slick surface.

American Football Notes:
Today’s senior portrait was taken in front of the omnipotent statue called the ‘Bronco Buster.’ Served.

Rehab Beach Notes:
No dragons were slayed

Gratitude Notes:
Your NP-DENVER Team is running thru Denver in their underwear on Saturday. Pay us forward for the revealing pics that you will inevitably be ‘liking’ this wknd.



Today’s Elite List:

Chris Lutz

Andrew ‘Dragon Slayer’ Cooley

Ivy DeAngelis

Pete ‘Two Oars” Morelli

Paul Rhode

Alli Bell

Katelyn Jones

Christina Amerocano

Julia Griffith

Katrina Brink


Katie “Rem Dawg” Remmington

Chad Christoff

Aaron Epps



Luke V

Riles McBright

Mike H.

Ryan “Woody” Wooderson

Karen T

Adam B




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