Today’s Workout was Presented Commercial FREE (NYC)

Now, the past few weeks have been presented BLOG FREE. Workouts have come and gone, racing has happened. People have come and joined us for the first time.  Some telling us that it will soon be their last time showing up as a citizen of this amazing town.  But just like every week, every Wednesday when you smash that alarm and roll out of bed, you leave all the shit at the door and work your ass off.

Yesterday was perfect conditions. And if by perfect you mean that you started sweating in your bed when you were slamming the alarm clock on the floor.  The amount of sweat that was created by you people was enough to fill the reservoir in Central Park.  We may actually try to collect the sweat next week– heard that California is in a drought, so we want to do our part and give back.  We may just send it all with Kruse when he takes his sweaty ass back to SF (and no I am not bitter at all about him leaving). Also, thanks Amir for bringing us 30 minutes of commercial FREE music.  Everything is FREE and that is the way we like to keep it.  Also, a lot of people are starting to train for BIG fall races.  Stay smart in your training and don’t break yourself.  Know your limits, and push those limits.  Once you go beyond those limits is when we won’t see you for a while and then you don’t get the satisfaction of wear #GrassrootsGear proudly across your chest for that goal 5k, 10k, half marathon, Ironman, Marathon, 100 Miler, whatever it might be.  And as one of those people who decided to go beyond those limits last year and robbed myself of that satisfaction, I never want to see anyone in those shoes.  EVER.  I wish that evil on no one.

FRIDAY: We coming back to BROOKLYN.  Ft Greene Park, 6:28 a.m.  Big ass monument right in the middle. No more EXCUSES Brooklyn people, its time to show up.

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