And the sun is shinin….


The sun is shinin…..and sky is….you get the point. It was a gorgeous morning, filled with amazing humans!

Today, we played musical partners, we met new humans, heard some new voices, and told some new stories. I watched you guys from the injury bench, and I can’t express how cool it is to watch the evolution of a bond, from the awkward hand shake, to the tight hug at the end of our workout. I’ve said it, wrote it and fully believe it, the human interaction is one of the most powerful things. The high fives, the cheers, you guys not only crushed your workout, but you cheered on your peeps!

You know what else is cool? How strong you guys are. Your fucking fierce without a doubt! You guys are good, no wait….your great! Driven every Wednesday to become even more. Oh Calgary, humans of all kinds, keep being you, keep being unstoppable, spread the good vibes, and lets crush more of those burpees ;).

21 cities, yep, now officially 21, and growing, are giving out a piece of an ore to someone who embodies what the November Project is all about. Communities are created, people, get to be people. Today, this woman was recognized, she’s a big cheerleader, and motivator, I’ve watched her come from not making too much noise to becoming one of the loudest. I’ve watched her push herself, and the sweat pour! We’ve heard her ‘Good Job’, and felt her high fives, YYC, she spreads good vibes! She is Real, authentic, genuine, she is a Val, and she is November Project Calgary.


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