Today The Tribe Stopped Doing Group Recaps

Dear friends, as you can tell by shorter then usual Wednesday post, recaps from the #POWERFUL7 are no more. Some may ask “But why? I very much enjoyed reading 1500 word piece during my lunch break every Wednesday?”. Well… we feel that all our tribes have grown to the point where all our posts can serve as an amazing standalone pieces of art so instead of letting that art get lost in a long-ass rambles that people just scan through, we gave each of our tribe leaders the power to post whatever they wish. If shit gets too weird we may consider taking the keys back (looking at you SF).

If you’re particularly interested in a specific #POWERFUL7 location, click on the city links in the Category menu on the right side of this page. If you however want to see all the posts from today or any other day for that matter, just click on the “Blog” link in the top navigation and enjoy the brain farts that only person that wakes up before 5am can put together.

Here in Boston we did some Bojans this morning. For those of you who still don’t know what Bojans are, we’re not gonna tell you. Not because we’re dicks, but because want to see you roll in the snow with your other 200 friends. So stop looking for excuses about why you haven’t joined us yet and drag your ass over to meet some amazing people. I would like to give a giant thank you to the #GrassrootsGear paint crew that in very short time managed to clear up the snow, prep up the paint shop, bang out bunch of shirts, and still have time to get into the group photo. Speaking of the group photo – Goldie we hope that your head feels better.

To all our friends with birthdays we wish you a Happy Birthday! To all our friends leaving BOS tribe, this is not a “Good Bye”, this is “We’ll See You Again”. And to our Positivity Award winner – we just want to say – well deserved and long overdue.

The Tribe is really fucking strong!

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