We may not have snow, but we’re real good at improvising

As we returned to our warm weather, basking in the glorious sunshine, the SD tribe leaders decided to pay homage to the #Powerful7 with today’s workout. Don’t tell anyone, but we secretly rigged the sprinkler system at Kate Sessions to follow us from station to station, it was as close to snow as we could get! Lauren rocked a specific yellow hat (brim popped, obviously), HOISTIES were in full swing, we dashed up a Denver-worthy mountain like Lincoln was chasing us with his giant logs, and then curtesy of our new boom box (yes, an actual big. boom. box.) we danced our assess off SF-style instead of really doing planks…wait… did we workout? Fuck yeah we did! Wanna know about it? I bet you do. It was awesome. #Justshowup next time, and you won’t have to hear about it from me!
Dennis (who loves oatmeal) and Kinley (a lover of strato-cumulo-nibus clouds) wear those capes well! Our positivity award has made it’s maiden voyage into San Diego culture, I’m sure Kev will show it a good time, and that it will be well documented! Fantastic turn out this morning! The marine layer may have hid the sun, but did nothing to shade our tribes growing glow – can’t wait to do it all again next week! As always: Be Happy, Be Strong, Be Bright SD!

Ya’ll Good Sand Diego?
Fuck Yeah!

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