BabyGotBack for #POWERFUL7

Photo by Dylan Ladds

What do you get when you combine snow piles, slippery roads, circa 200 people and very narrow steep road? A clusterfuck! Our morning clusterfuck was named BabyGotBack since we decided to run shorter, back side of the hill thinking that the sidewalks were better cleaned. Which in hindsight didn’t really matter. Even though both “singles” and “taken” groups heard the public service announcement about running on the sidewalks, that information was followed for the first 6 seconds of the workout. After that it was every (wo)man for her/him self. It was a real Chrismahanukwanzakah miracle that no one got seriously injured so we gave Santa the #PositivityAward as a token of our appreciation for keeping everyone safe.

Photo by Tara Mardigan

On Monday we’re meeting in Boston Common (corner of Comm Ave and Arlington). It’s a Run-Deck-Run type workout so plan out your running routes now. If this location is 2 blocks down from your apartment, plan on a long run that will drop you at Boston Common at 6:28Am. In case you didn’t read the post from last Monday, we ARE planing on having Wednesday workouts on both December 25th and January 1st. You can always count on NP to be there for you! If you’re traveling and wont be around for a while – have a safe travel and look both ways before crossing the street. If you’re staying in Boston area – we’ll see you on Monday and look both ways before crossing the street. #WeekendEarned!

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