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The team vibe that we’ve all created at November Project is key for rough workouts, harsh weather, and when we’re feeling like we could have used those extra hours of sleep. We need to continue to boost one another with positive comments, high5’s, and sometimes a simple pat on the back.

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You may see a wooden oar handle floating around the tribe at many of the workouts. If you get a chance to get closer to that handle you’ll see the words “NOVEMBER PROJECT” and your city branded up and down the sides. This is our November Project Positivity Award. We’re awarding it after almost every workout to one member who bounced out of bed with an extra spring in his/her step and brought the rest of us to a new level. You may nominate someone for an outside event or for helping you through a workout. This award will never have to do with speed or strength but will always go to the person who shows the best attitude. This can be displayed in the form of fun, encouragement to others around them, putting the tribe first, recruiting more racers, and generally being an awesome person to train near. With many of our core values of accountability, racing, team bonding, and training in all conditions, coming from the sport of rowing, we thought that the award was pretty much perfect.

In Boston, the lovely Meg Fox was our first to have the Positivity Award for having a bulletproof attitude of positive thinking during harsh times, Derrick Shallcross was awarded the handle for training with us on the hills only a few hours before his wedding, and Chris Marsal won it days later for recruiting the whole NU Men’s Basketball team to a #DestinationDeck workout. If you end up with the award, you’ll be asked to bring it along to the next NP session so it can be awarded to someone else. In the day or two that you own it you’ll be encouraged to carry it with you (all the time). Keep building your tribe by showing up ready to race and build community. One day you’ll have this handle in your hands and you’ll be posting your photos in awesome/odd places around town for all to see.. and that day my friend, you’ll completely understand. This is the #PositivityAward.

We hope you have a great day and we’ll see you shortly after your alarm clock goes off. Stay positive.

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