NP Boston in JP

Well it was about time we get to JP. I have to admit, we were (not on purpose) favoring Downtown/Brookline/Cambridge residents with our Monday locations expecting our Jamaica Plain friends to run sometimes upwards of 12-13 miles just to get to-and-back from the workout. Today, we made amends by selecting Jamaica Pond as our #DestinationDeck location.

We woke up to an inch thick sheet of ice covering the streets of Boston which made our running stride shorter, our attention pointed away from the tranquil surrounding of Boston at 6:00am to the icy roads under our feet. At 6:30am BG led a short warmup, divided the groups into two camps, and described the workouts. One camp was doing side shuffles in 6 inches of snow, while the other one was doing partner Jesus Jumps (exercise stolen from NP_MSN playbook).

This workout engaged quads, hamstrings, abs, hip flexors and everyone’s favorite – booty muscles for solid 16 minutes. After few hugs and the Positivity and Helping-Hand Award presentation ceremony, we took the group photo and ran back to our respective showers ready to take on the world. Jamaica Plan started our week in the best way possible and in return we promised to come back.

On Wednesday we’re meeting at section 37 (Gate M) of the Harvard stadium. Remember workout is happening regardless of the weather conditions – the only thing that might change is the location. Many of you have asked if we’re training on Christmas Day and New Years Day? We hope that red bitch-slap mark on your cheek will keep reminding you not to ask such a silly question ever again.

Since we don’t want to spend all Christmas day painting your shirts, we will move our scheduled shirt painting session from last Wednesday of the month to two days from today. That’s right! Bring your clothing to create #GrassrootsGear.

Happy Monday!

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