Earn Your Lights!

Yes, we went back to the Leg grounds AGAIN! Is it because we were too busy to think of a new location? Is it because it’s really close to where I live? Or is it because I really wanted to see the trees all lit up. If you said Yes to 0, 1 2 or 3 of those questions, you may or may not be correct.

So, now that the NP Leaders from down south are gone and have experienced the freezing conditions that we endure, it was warm today… REALLY FREAKIN WARM… So warm that the snow was melting! Boston and Madison, if you thought you were going home to warm up, the joke’s on you! We started the day at an un-lit tree, and ended the day around some well-lit. In between, we played the holiday version of British Jingle Belldog.

Wednesday, you will all get to meet the Positivity Award. She can’t wait to meet you either! 6am. Royal Glenora Stairs.

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