To Togo She Go Goes. Farewell, Christina! (DC)

Christina Stegura is a force of nature, though you might not know that just by looking at her. Sure, she’s tiny, but within that frame is a power and strength that we’ve been lucky to witness and workout with for the past four years. If you haven’t had the chance to get to know Christina, know this: she is a selfless and dedicated human, a world traveler, an aspiring acrobat, a committed 5:25 crew member, and an accomplished cross-country cyclist! WHOA. We’re gonna miss all of these things, but we are going to miss your attitude, your spirit, and your willingness to show up, whenever and wherever it was needed. 

We invited Christina to share some see ya later thoughts on the blog before a two-year stint in Togo. Christina, safe travels, and you will be deeply missed!


November Project has been a part of my life since 2014. I remember the first time I came to a workout and I was all by myself. It was surprising how welcoming everyone was to a newcomer. Now being on the other side, it’s easy to understand wanting to share this infectious positivity. One of my favorite aspects of NP is exploring a sense of community. I love the Fridays when we go to a part of the District that I haven’t been before. Not only do I get a good workout, but I also get to discover something new about the city I call home.

Picture day 2018

This year I was honored to lead a Monday workout at capitol hill. It was a great opportunity for me because while I am outgoing once I get to know you, I often have difficulty breaking the ice. Through leading a workout, I have a new found appreciation for our leaders. They make it look so easy, but I’m here to tell you that it’s harder than you think. That being said, the energy that everyone brings to each workout is nourishing and forgiving, so I had a blast. 

EARLY DAYS of the early crew

Now it’s time for me to say thank you and so long for the time being. I have come and gone and come back again, but NP is always there. While it’s my time to leave again, this will not be the end. In two years time I’ll be back and expect to see everyone at Lincoln once again. Thank you all for the joy you all have brought me over the past few years. I hope to share just a slice of it with others in West Africa, where my next adventure lies. Feel free to follow along on Instagram @c.stegura 🙂

Jump on in to that next adventure! 

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