90 (YEG)

We can talk about our friend and local legend, Bill, today. Bill heard of NP because his son, Scott, had been going to November Project in Boston. So when the tribe started here, it was in the back of his mind, to one day show up to November Project Canada. We first met Bill at Commonwealth Stadium. He was giving us the finger and wearing underwear on his head. That’s Bill. If any of you have ever talked to him, he always has a great attitude and is always looking out to make sure people are having fun. Don’t be fooled by those middle fingers he’s throwing out to the world. Bill is as fun as they come. No matter what we throw at him, he’s always up for a good time. He’s loving and caring and so proud of his family. 

Tomorrow, Bill turns 90. Aside from his approach to life, I admire his approach to showing up. He knows his speed and he knows what that means. Yet, he still shows up, works his tail off, and has fun with everyone around him. Bill. Legend.


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