Happy One Year of Free Fitness! (WLA)

What a MORNING!!!! I’m still having trouble processing how big and full my heart feels right now but we’re just going to roll with it! Today marks one year since the day we started pledging and man what a beautiful journey this has been. From watching newbies show up, traverballers visit, core regulars continue to come back and other city leaders shuffle in and out of the stadium- there’s been SO much magic created over the past year here I’m so damn grateful to have it in my life.

Mags and I took a step back today and let a group of core members lead, all who have been with us since day 1. Jenna & Jose NAILED the bounce and then we sent everyone off 4 mini workouts- hill repeats, stairs, track & shuttle runs (all with different variations of strength). If anyone went to the Friday workout before Summit 6 in Milwaukee- we followed the same structure where everyone cycled through the stations, each having a separate workout and leaders in charge of explaining/hyping/keeping things moving, and it was a BLAST!! It was really fun to witness everyones different leading styles- some a bit serious, some very goofy, some loud as ever, all insanely passionate and excited.
We wouldn’t be where we are today without every single human that’s walked into Drake on a Wednesday morning. Whether today was your first day or you were out there leading the shuttle runs, we’re insanely grateful for everyone who joins us!! We cannot thank our OG gang enough for everything they have done for us since day one- and today just made us as proud as ever to have them with us running the show.
We became an official November Project tribe on April 25th, but we’ve been hosting free workouts for an entire YEAR which calls for celebration. And thanks to Carolyn, we all left with a sugar high from her delicious and very beautiful cake!
Congrats Jason on winning the surfboard award, we’re SUPER glad you’re here and as Jeff mentioned, you are the fastest human in the world and you NEVER stop smiling.
Lujan, thank you for the birthday bang!! We absolutely loved it. And you. And everyone.
NEXT WEEK, field trip to JANSS STEPS! Located HERE!
NORTH FACE ENDURANCE CHALLENGE CALIFORNIA! A chance to connect and race with lots of friends from other tribes and enjoy a weekend away in the beautiful bay area! Join us on 11/17 weekend in San Francisco! Register HERE! All tribe Google Doc HERE! West LA Google Doc HERE!
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