Trash Dash wrap up!

HEY! We know tensions are high all over the place this week with current political arena. We just want you to know that providing a space at workouts for folks to gather and workout together has always been the goal. We’ve watched friendships form, businesses start and marriages happen that started with bonds made at November Project. We have also seen friends move away, administrations change, people experiencing a range of hard times. All this to say that on this roller coaster that is life we will go through ups and downs and one of the only things that I can say for sure will make those downs easier is having people there with you to make it easier. Don’t underestimate the therapeutic nature of being able to show up to a place for zero dollar to work so hard you puke or maybe take it easy and hand out as many hi-fives as possible. Both of those are options at our workouts. Don’t shy away and give in to the snooze button with the cooler temperatures coming – be accountable to yourself and drop your #verbal for the workouts the day before. The early bird worms are out here and we are always looking for new friends to join us!

The other thing I know for sure helps when times are hard is doing something positive. EXAMPLE: Trash Dash! We are all city dwellers who know that there is something left to be desired in the amount of litter in our (and most) cities. We jumped at the chance to work with trash Free Maryland when they reached out about partnering for an event. They have some resources and tools that made the Trash Dash possible and with cooperation and space at the Baltimore Community Toolbank it was all made possible. THANK YOU to both organizations and Noah and Ashley who worked with us to pull this off. The cool thing about Trash Free Maryland and their pitch is that they are working on the policy side while also engaging residents to take ownership in their neighborhoods. Paired with the fame of the Swedish “fitness craze”, plogging, we created a quirky and fun event where 12 teams first collected TWENTY NINE bins of trash and recycling and then created artistic master pieces out of them.

Some of those masterpieces photographed below. Others are on facebook:

All of this was put to the test of our spectacular and highly qualified judges: Ann Walsh, Grant K Chang and Allison Coleman who looked oh so marvelous in their Trash Dash Judge Sashes. They had arguably the hardest job of the day and performed spectacularly well, engaging teams and making the overall decision! Congrats to team “Stone Coneman” who took home the glory and also “The Trashy Tinman” prize that was generously donated from the Toolbank. Make sure to follow @trashytinman on instagram as they travels amongst the team! We loved The Trash Dash and hope you did too – we like it so much it will likely return for round 2 at some point! 

SO: it’s a big world out there and we all will have waves of disappointment or other personal things we have to deal with. Ways I suggest we do so:

  1. #justshowup – show up to our workouts for yourselves, to get fitter, clear your head and when we #justshowup we lift each other up. We give out hi fives and hugs, we tend to smile and encourage each other. This will get your day started with endorphins and reducing stress levels and actually giving you energy! #science
  2. Do something: be the change, right? Figure out the causes you care about and get involved somewhere: donate time or money. If the trash dash and the environment are high up on your list of concerns grab ahold of what Trash Free Maryland is doing!! This could be as simple as being an ambassador for them in your neighborhood and picking up 30 pieces of trash every day or going to their next event on November 17th

This morning we started our morning together with a seriously ass kicking workout called the 15X15. It’s about as hard as it gets and arguably only two individuals have completed this epic challenge! Congratulations to Adam for joining the status of 15X15 finisher!! This workout rears its head every couple of months so keep coming to the workouts so you can get a chance to push further next time~ also maybe comment below, or write it somewhere super safe, which number you got to so that next time you will know the goal to beat it!

NEXT WORKOUT: Patterson Park Friday morning.  6:30AM corner of Baltimore street and Linwood. #justshowup 

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Keep taking those big bites out of life like my comrade @Nick Rod would say!


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