Tiny Legs & Her Tribe Head Into Winter – Allie Maire Hall

She’s is one mean cookie… Well, she’s actually not mean at all. Allie does take her training seriously and she does love NP. Her story has a delayed start based on thoughts of not being tall enough to actually make it up the seats at Harvard. She will beat you with smiles and outlast most of us this winter. On this beautiful Saturday only a day away from the groundbreaking #SceneBeSeen, we are proud to bring you… Allie Marie Hall.

I was first invited to November Project in May of 2012, but admittedly I didn’t show up as a Newbie until early June because…well, I was intimidated by the fact that the people who invited me to this “workout” were ripped and long legged – i.e Goldie, Scott and Brando. While box jumps and burpess are this short person’s friend, I truly thought that my legs were too short to actually “run” the stadium. I wasn’t even worried about “keeping up,” but rather, about finishing in a respectable amount of time, which I was certain would be a good couple hours after everyone else! While Scott finished in half the time it took me, it was immediately apparent that NP was not about competition but rather about community and getting out of your comfort zone. And, as a result I quickly learned that even short people can run up the stadium stairs.

Over the next four months NP quickly grew. From 25 to 55 to 100 and then 300 members. And to be honest, I wasn’t that surprised. The motivation that you get knowing there is a group of people who are going to come out, rain or shine, and run alongside you is infectious.

Unfortunately, the hardest part of NP is right around the corner, it goes to the core of how it all started – waking up to a foot of snow and having the motivation to simply GET UP. I admit, I failed at this last winter and became almost non-existent at NP. My only advice is to prepare now, physically and most important mentally. We are reminded all the time by Bojan and BG but here is a recap:

1. Don’t Make Excuses, just show up: 99% of us are NOT morning people, we just don’t make excuses to stay in bed. Everyone has to travel through the same crappy weather to get to the workout, so ignore that voice inside your head telling you to stay in bed and get your ace up!

2. Use The Buddy System: our Founders will be at every workout, but what will motivate you to get there? Find people who live near you and do the following: carpool, bike, MBTA, Hubway, whatever.

3. Disconnect: Turn off the TV, cell phone, iPad, computer, etc. and get some sleep. Its 1000% easier to get up and get motivated if you aren’t dog tired.

4. Warm Up: Buy some warm clothes, if you know you won’t freeze your ace off before you get to the workout you will be much more motivated to get it out the door.

The tribe is strong… Lets keep it that way, all winter long!

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4 Replies to “Tiny Legs & Her Tribe Head Into Winter – Allie Maire Hall”

  1. Excellent points Allie Marie. Thank you for sharing. Althouh a rookie NP-er, I would add to No 4 – and lay out every bit of your clothes before you go to bed so that it is easier to get out the door circa 6am.

  2. Sorry, one question: Does “ace” mean “ass”?

    I just want to be clear. Contextually speaking, ace and ass could very easily be interchanged for one another in this post.

    Ace also sort of sounds like ass. Like, if you came from another country and didn’t pronounce other english words so well, then maybe you would say “ace” instead of “ass.” Like when French people say “happiness” and it sounds like “A penis.”

    Again, this is just for clarity’s sake. You’re writing the word ace but you’re meaning ass, right? Ass? It means ass, right? A-S-S, ass. I’m very elderly, and I’m not down with the lingo.

    Brogan, Bojan, can you straighten this ace/ass situation out?

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