Soul Staring

Today, we locked eyes and stared deep into the souls of our tribe members. We saw what they hold near and dear to their heart, and their darkest secrets. Was it awkward? Yes. Was it supposed to be awkward? Yes. Are you a better person for it? Debatable. Once we broke the ice, we made sure No One Runs Alone. Some people tagged along, others ran in an awkward silence next to their new friends, but at the end of the day, our tribe came a little smaller.


If anyone didn’t hear me after the workout because Mr Plow and the Plow King were doing their best to drown out my screams, you still have some time to bring in your items to weatherproofYEG. We will collect on Monday and then head to Hope Mission at 5:05pm to deliver our kindness.


Tonight we party. 7pm at MEC. Bring scissors and cardboard for recruiting papers. Wear your grassroots gear. 9pm Pint Downtown.

Destination Station is here on Monday.

Until next time, Keep Fit and Have Fun (is that phrase taken yet?)




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