Well That’s a First

by Bojan

Dear friends born on November 22 that came to todays workout hoping to get some version of a BOOM as a recognition of your birthday, we want to say we’re sorry. We forgot, plain and simple. Our minds were elsewhere. Our brains were thinking about a badass, ultra positive, firecracker of a woman that had to leave the workout to deliver her baby. Yeah, she was two days overdue and she came to run hills this morning. Let that sink in for a second. Jess Colgan Snyder came to the workout to run/walk hills TWO days AFTER her due date.

Jess, we’re extremely excited for you and Garrett, we hope that your delivery goes well, and we can’t wait to meet the newest addition to November Project family. You also raised the stakes for all the women and men, proving that the only thing that’s preventing anyone from getting fit is a lame excuse.

Tribe, you can express your love and wishes to Jess directly via Facebook, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it! Also in the spirit of this event, we decided to name this morning’s workout of 5 frontal hills + 10 burpees at the top for dudes, and 6 back hills + 8 burpees at the top for ladies, “The Water Break”. It’s the right thing to do.

On Monday, we’ll see you at Quincy Upper School basketball courts for the last session of #BallerNovember workout series. Run there and back, we’ll provide the workout and entertainment. We’ll see you on Sunday! Yeah, we know it’s sold out, but there are options.

coming soon… Edmonton tribe is super sophisticated and writes their own blog posts.

by Laura

This Friday morning was started with a gentle climb that deceives you into thinking you are a great hill runner…only to be back handed in the dome piece by a wall that you are supposed to continue running up. The tribe tackled it best we could as Pádraig Ó Laoghaire lapped every run 37 times. Lots of racers out this weekend around the bay area, especially in The Berkeley Half Marathon on Sunday where our grassroots gear will be loud, proud and in everyone’s personal space. Hey Friday tribe, you have quickly become my favorite workout of the week. For the rest of you, I hope FOMO gives you an itchy rash this morning. One that can only be cured by joining us next week! (Harsh)

by the Boys

We greeted the first snow of the year in the best way we can, embracing it by loving it, or laying in it. Friends from the local Lululemon store came to roll in the snow with us – hopefully we they didn’t think we’re creepy and they’ll come back. The yellow jersey this morning went to David Wargowsi, a gentleman that drives 24 miles to get to our workouts, and whose favorite animal is a muppet. Or his favorite muppet is Animal – we’re not sure – discussion is still going on.

Happy Friday ya’ll!

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One Reply to “Well That’s a First”

  1. You guys inspire me. Last nite it rained in Phoenix, AZ. I know, it never does. Anyway, I was 1.5 miles into my run when the faucets turned loose. Ok, it was a drizzle. Normally, I run for home when there’s any moisture. Last nite I thought of the November Project and kept repeating, “weatherproof”.

    3.5 miles in the rain gave me a total of 5 miles. So, thanks for the inspiration to get my humble run done last nite.

    You guys rock and I can’t wait to be part of November Project Arizona.
    Oh fuck, a math problem V

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