#SceneBeSeen by November Project (Fall Racing Social)

Say it loud, say it proud… yes right now, into your smartphone in public, into your desktop at work, or wherever you are. The event is called #SceneBeSeen. Say it… we’ll wait… (SCEEEEENE BEEEE SEEEEEEEEEN).

A race, at night, in the cold, in a part of town that few of you know. When the fast times are over we’ll have a giant social gathering. The theme is anything bright, blinking, bling’ing, NEON, colorful, shiny, glowing, or bursting with visibility! As many of you know, this time of year it is key to have the right gear for the oncoming winter. For the November Project tribes facing colder temps we need to layer up AND be visible on our runs/rides to and from the workouts. We’ve also noticed that folks who wear NEON and other bright shit tend to have more fun along the way.

WHAT: #SceneBeSeen is the name for our magical running race that will take you two 2.5 mile laps around South Boston.

WHERE: In the Southernmost part of Marine Park, Farragut Road, South Boston there is a flagpole right near the beach. We’ll meet there. Follow this map to get to the park… then find your people gathering under the flag.

WHEN: Sunday, November 24th at 6:30PM we start running. This is a legit timed event but all bib-pickup will take place from 3-5:00PM outside of the Park Street MBTA station. Arrive to the race with your bib on and ready to go. Also, the post-race event will be less than 2 miles away in the Seaport District. You can walk, ride, jog, or run to the post-race party. Just plan your night in a way that make sense. Let’s recap – BIB PICKUP: Park Street 3:00-5:00PM, RACE: Starts at 6:30PM, PARTY: 7:30 to 11:00PM, SHOWERS: We don’t have them, You don’t need them.

WEAR: Neon, reflective, blinky-lights, sparkles, glow-sticks, tinfoil, and anything else that makes you and your scene be seen while racing at night.

REGISTRATION: This is a timed event from our local friends at a company that rhymes with “Lace Bend-you.” CLICK HERE to sign up for $0 and you’ll have a bib and a timing chip. You’ll need to pick that up in person (or send a friend) outside of the Park Street MBTA station between 3:00PM and 5:00PM on Sunday. The race will begin at 6:30PM out near Castle island so we’ll be gone from Park Street by 5:01PM. In other words… please don’t be late and don’t ask Brogan or Bojan to get a bib for you!

SOCIAL PLAY (#SceneBeSeen): We are going to ask that you all use our handle (@Nov_Project on Twitter, @NOVEMBERPROJECT on Instagram) and the event hashtag (#SceneBeSeen) in an attempt to bring down the internet to its knees. Lets trend, flood, bonk, flip, and jostle the social media world the days leading into the event and during the event. Photos of your costume as it’s coming together (Derrick will post first, he always does), commuting to the event, the starting line, and OBVIOUSLY the giant finish & party. We need your help to push this creation digitally. Got it? Great.

POST RACE: Bring cash for drinks and tips & ID for this 21+ gathering. It will take place near the Seaport District. We’ll tell you for sure at the starting line of the race.

RECRUITS: This event is open to even the newest NEWBIES but let them be warned… if they come and their costume is weak or non-existent… Oh shit.. let’s just say this is not a good move unless they like swimming. For all of the people in your life who “can’t get up early enough for NP,” or “I hope NP does something in the evening one of these days,” this is their time to step up. Recruit hard this week and get your friends a new experience. REGISTER NOW!

VOLUNTEERS: We need your help to make this #FREE event go as smoothly as possible. Please contact us via email and let us know your availability. Thanks for your help in advance!

LOVE: We fucking love you. Don’t ever fucking question that. See you soon.

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