Time Flies (YEG)

This time of year is an excellent reminder to be grateful for what you have. Your family, your friends, your work, your home, your community, yourself, etc. This morning I was grateful for you choosing to #JustShowUp. I was also grateful for one more thing. One more milestone that this week holds for me.

1 year ago I joined the November Project leadership. It feels like it was just yesterday but it also doesn’t. Since the day you welcomed me into this role with your open arms, it has been a collection of memories and experiences that I will cherish forever. 

Way back last winter it was daunting thinking about jumping into something so well established as November Project in Edmonton. I knew that things would work themselves out but like with anything new, effort is required. I feel truly grateful to have my Co-leaders Jen and Nadim at my side. Learning from them over these past 365 days has let me grow as a person and I look forward to continuing to do so. Looking back at why I chose to be a part of this team, and the value/goal that I set for myself, I can see that that reason hasn’t changed. To be able to provide a space for people to learn and grow athletically and mentally. I believe in my heart that I made the right decision and that it is possible because of all of our collective efforts.

From the first time I led a bounce all the way to this morning, being a part of this community has meant the world to me. It’s a privilege for the world to have aligned in such a way that I can be here in this moment. I cherish it every time we gather at 6am and it wouldn’t be the same without you there. You make it all worth it. Oh he’s just writing a blog and adding some fluffy expletives to an anniversary blog – he’s not talking to me. HELLLLLLLLLlllllllll NOOOOOOoooooo. You reading this right now, I am talking to you. You make it worth it and you are the reason why I choose to #JustShowUp. I always close these blogs reminding you to keep being awesome but the truth is from my perspective you always have been and continue to be awesome and amazing humans. Your individual life stories make my life all the more richer and has made me who I am today. You make a difference to me.

I plan to be here for years to come and I look forward to walking through the future together.

Thank you for always being awesome,



Wednesday: Christmas Morning at Royal Glenora Stairs. Come celebrate the holiday with us 

Friday: Walterdale Hill 

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