The good old street hokey game

Although this mornings workout did not place on ice here are some things that did occur.

  • There was a good old hockey game
  • Many families and friends added to their already existing Christmas day traditions
  • Cookies, treats and some sweets
  • Gord and Natalia, for coming in hot with all the fixings to make this a legit hockey game
  • Street takeover at Landsdowne
  • Waking up to move and probably partake in the most Canadian thing ever

We understand and know that Christmas day is a day for some to spend time with their family, sleep in and bask in joy and love. But, by partaking this morning in hockey game you extended that time in your day a little bit longer, just by waking up a that bit earlier.

We’re grateful for all of you whether or not you scored a goal this morning, ate a cookie or slept in. We are wishing everyone a happy holiday today and cannot wait to see you all traverse the many bridges Ottawa has to offer.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. Next week we are beginning: #bridgemonth meet us under the Spider at the National Art Gallery our first bridge will be the Alexandra Bridge.
  2. Spend time with friends and family and enjoy the sunshine and snow
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