Three Cheers For Haute Toddy! (SF)

A few years back our friend Orrin came up to visit from the city of Angels and said he was here to see his friend Tod and convince him to come to NP. It took a little while, but Tod started coming to the 5:30 crew when Clayton was head honcho. Much like Jide, I was so intimidated to first approach Tod because of how beautiful he is. Am I not allowed to say that because I’m married? Fuck it. Jide and Tod are my first and truest NP crushes.* The one’s that got away, I suppose (if only you could hear how loud I am laughing at this right now).

Anyways, over the years Tod has become such an integral part of the mushy gushy part of this tribe that it is a devastating blow to lose him to the pacific northwest. He is the guy always working his ass off from start to end,  greets you with the most endearing smile this side of the Mississippi, and genuinely makes up what this whole November Project thing is all about. Simply put, he’s both badass and kind.

So DJ Haute Toddy, know that you will be dearly missed in San Francisco (especially during Pride week when we could really use your high kicks at the front of the parade). Your dance moves and energy are always welcome back in the city by the bay!



*This is Laura writing, by the way. Although Jide and Tod might be Zip and Paddy’s NP crushes as well. I just have never asked them.


Friday Hills: Stanyan and 17th in Cole Valley:

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  1. Awww ❤️❤️😘😘 you fill my heart with love. Thank you so much for making me feel like such a star. I’m blessed to have found a home in this tribe and even more to have found a friend in you.

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