Recipe Behind the Weirdness (GR)

Wild West, Ninja, Sixer, XMarksTheSpot, TurkeyLurkeyDooWop.

These are just some of the workouts we cooked up at NP GR. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into an NP GR workout, I’ve got the recipe below for you.

Take 2 coleaders, a pitcher or two of cheap beer, and stir in a fistful of ideas about how to use our outdoor places creatively to get people in motion and interacting with each other. Add a pinch of stoke and a dash of weirdness to taste. Combine with a group of people willing to show up at the break of dawn to see if the hype is real and bake for about 30 minutes until the edges are crisp.For all the seeming weirdness and randomness that goes down for a NP GR workout, there is an intentional design to them. The biggest factors we plan for are intensity, interactivity, and memorability.

Take our Wild West workout for example.

For intensity, we targeted quads and designed a circuit compact enough to get high reps.

For interactivity, we built in showdown challenges for tribe members to square off and catch a moment of face time before throwing down for burpees.

For memorability, we incorporated grade school games and wind sprint shootouts for some low-stakes thrills.

We don’t always get the recipe to turn out to intended effect and we modify and adjust when needed. But sometimes it’ll bake just right and the hype proves real and the tribe goes home with a craving for the next serving.

Come share in the freshness and crispness. Share it with your friends, family, people who want to build connections with others.


2.1.18 5:30 PM // PR Happy Hour // City Built Brewing

2.18.18 to 2.24.18 // Started from the Bottom // MORE INFO SOON
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