This Tribe is Rated #NP17

The Motion Picture Association of America has a film rating system that tells parents which movies are appropriate for their children and which are not. The more nudity, drugs, and violence there is, the more likely it is that film will be rated R, NC-17, or X. Some will argue that this system is wrong, corrupt, and obsolete, and our opinion on this matter is not all that important for this blog post. What’s important is the fact that today November Project added 17th city (and the last one of 2014) to our always expanding family and unlike MPAA, we’re allowing everyone to join the fun regardless of their age or fitness levels. To celebrate addition of Chicago to #NP17, here in Boston we had an amazing workout commonly known as the Firedrill. Special thanks to Scott for helping with the start and today’s photos, congrats to Kelvin Ma on winning the #PositivityAward and happy birthday to everyone that was born on May 14th!


But enough about us – ladies and gentleman I’m proud to present November Project Chicago!



To say that the workout this morning was hyped is an understatement. You could just sense something was different, and it showed while we were crushing hills like bros crush beers. After a crazy-fast time trial up the sledding hill, we knocked out a burpee-laiden pyramid next to lake. The scene was out of control. We finished with a million hugs, a few groupies, and one epic self-intro on the lakefront. “Chicago, are you good? FUCK YEAH!”

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