This One’s For Kallie (VB)

One of the great things about November Project is that it attracts unique people with unique skills sets. Some of these people are great at PR Day, some are great at pretending to golf, some are great at mending large animals, and some are exceptionally great at making others smile but when it comes to Kallie Ashcraft she just so happens to be E. GREAT AT ALL OF THE ABOVE.


When she isn’t cruising around in her dependable truck looking for adorable sick goats to swaddle and bring back to health so they can once again prance through the fields eating what every they please, Kallie is training and not just training but training HARD. What’s that…you wanna see the numbers…well here are Kallie’s times from PR Day in the last year (NBD):

Aug 15: 30:45
Oct 15: 26:55
Dec 15: 27:38 (Probably saw a cat that needed CPR)
Jan 15: 26:03
Feb 16: 25:56
Mar 16: 24:44

But lets get back to that last item for a moment…the part about smiling. Kallie has been a complete rockstar at #NP_VB and one of the most welcoming tribe members you could hope to meet at a 6AM workout and always greats everyone with a giant smile and lots of energy, as shown below:


Unfortunately, for us though (and the animals of Hampton Roads) today was Kallie’s last workout as a resident of Virginia but certainly not her last at #NP_VB…right Kallie!

So be sure to show Kallie some love and thank her for being such a great tribe member!

Love The Tribe!


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