Tik Tok, on the Clock (IND)

The Work:

After a rousing Ke$ha-inspired* bounce, today’s workout kicked off with a variation of the standard “up-and-over” that #NP_IND tribers are all too familiar with.  After starting on the north side and running up, around, and down the south stairs, the task was to “demand a hug” then do 10 Russian Twists before heading back up the south stairs.  Once to the top, there was the option to either A) Cartwheel or B) Bear Crawl along the west side of the War Memorial.  Back down on the north landing, it was another hug demand before 10 box jumps and repeat until time was up.

And when the whistle blew (and very well, I might add) time was up….or WAS IT?!?!?! (dun, dun, duuunnnn).  Well, it wasn’t because we polished off the workout with a nice Sebastian.  7 minutes of continuous burpees.  Which, incidentally, is also 7 minutes of continuous “F-bombs”.  But this is how badassees are made and proven.  And everybody proved themselves today.  Tip o’ the cap to all of you.


Anne won the positivity award (pic above) for being a true, American badass…she brings it week in and week out.  Setting goals and consistently exceeding them.  Not to mention she PR’ed at #ECSDC on Saturday, which happened to be in some pretty shitty conditions, and, oh yea…it was her longest run EVER!  Fuck Yea, Anne!

*”Ke$ha” and “inspire” – two words that have never been put side by side, except maybe in a CDC Outbreak alert.

The Play – aka The Notes:

  • You can tell a lot about a man by the way he cartwheels.
    • On a related note – watching me demonstrate a cartwheel is like watching sausage getting made.
  • It’s Tax Week – so for us that have put doing that shit off until now, 7 minutes of burpees in the morning feels like spring break in Cancun.
  • How exactly does P-Diddy feel when he wakes up in the morning? My guess is that the first thing he does is put cream on the saddle sores that he got from riding on Biggie Smalls’ back for his entire career.
  • Lastly, the vacant suite on my floor was being toured this morning by a prospective renter as I walked into the office with 5 bags, an NP tagged, sweat-covered shirt, a buff around my head like a headband, and fingerless gloves. I looked like a homeless Karate Kid.  I would have loved to hear the property manager explain that one…on the bright side however, I made 94 cents and can now execute a perfect Crane kick.

The November Project book is out! If you know how to read, buy the book.  If you don’t know how to read, tell whomever is dictating this blog to you to shut the fuck up, buy the book, and read that to you instead.  Buy it in book stores or off Amazon – HERE

Good work today tribe.  We will see you all next week!

Sweep the leg,

  • Shaw


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