Kiss the Lucky Egg (DEN)

You may have noticed a trend over the last few weeks and months. If you haven’t then you might just be one badass mother- The workouts are intentionally getting harder. I mean, that deck wasn’t easy today. Chocked full of difficult exercises. Those stair sprints last week… damn. That’s all on that one.

“But why?” you ask. “Isn’t this damn thing all about connecting to the community and the city?” To which I respond, “Fuckin yea, it is!” That’s EXACTLY why we’re making this shit harder. Let’s do a quick Wisconsin Notes on why:

  • If it were easy you’d be more likely to just do it on your own… or not at all
  • You already wake up before most of the city to do something that a lot of them won’t do, and now it’s getting closer to something that a lot of them CAN’T do
  • Surviving some of the harder workouts together brings us closer together
  • Most days, what comes after the workout will seems loads easier after a kickass workout

That’s it. That’s why. It’s not because we hate you and want to punish you. Quite the opposite. We’re trying to break your muscles, and build them stronger. We’re trying to build your spirit. We’re trying to empower you to take on life. If you can #JustShowup to a ball-busting workout, you can most certainly show up anywhere. A little pain and discipline makes you stringer and more resiliant. It brings out your true character. It makes success so much sweeter. In the words of professional Ironman triathlete, Chris McCormack: Embrace the suck.

As we BOOMed out after the workout this morning, we’ve got a few people racing the Boston Marathon very soon! I’m sure they’re excited, and nervous, and scared, and ecstatic… or in a single word… aroused? Yes! I’m sure they’re all VERY aroused for their upcoming victory run, so make sure to send them some love this week! Racers, don’t forget your lucky egg…

They’ve worked incredibly hard to get there. We should all strive to commit and work as hard as they have for this in our own endeavors.

Remember, a slow clap is basically the same thing as a long distance group hug!

FREITAG: 5:30/6:15A Convention Center Stairs (Speer & Champa)

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