There goes the school bell, it’s NPSF Recess!

After starting off the #BACKTOSCHOOL year with “Algebraic” and “Foundations of Chemistry”, we figured you kids deserved a break. This morning at 6.24am, the school bell rang (really really quietly though… shhh), and 110+ NPSF school kids rushed along to our Alta Plaza schoolyard. It was time for our Recess/Bring a Newbie workout. We let everyone pair up with the friend they brought along for the first time, and then we pulled a fastball on y’all. As schoolyard friendships can be traditionally pretty fickle, we decided to break up the pairs and make each person go find a person they never met before to be their partner. Then, the group ran around the schoolyard doing hopscotch (broad and box jumps), see-saw squats, paired (or triple) leapfrogs, king of the hill sprints, and my old schoolyard favourite, burpees!!! As the norm with the Bring A Newbie workouts, we rewarded you for bringing a freshman (freshmen, freshwoman, Frenchman… I’m confused. Couldn’t you just call them first years like in Europe? And what on earth is a softmore, or is it software?) by allowing to share the workout on the first lap (hah, I don’t think anyone has noticed that everyone is still doing 30 minutes regardless, and thus the same amount of exercises… mwah hah hah #cunningOClayton).


Right so this Friday, your leaders are out of town with Dan and Paddy at the November Project Summit in Madison, WI and Laura still off galavanting around Ireland #IrelandRepresent! So let’s set down some ground rules… no house parties, don’t use the car, feed the goldfish, and call us twice a day… right?! To give everyone an idea of what the #NPSUMMIT is, check out the blog from our boys in Boston #ECSWI. Paddy and Dan will be representing NPSF in the North Face Endurance Challenge so we’re looking to bring some silverware back to the tribe. Watch this space over the weekend!!

You’ll have some babysitters on Friday morning in Lillian “Terminator” Christina and Chris “Hoping he’s not still lost in Burning Man” Stivers (photos below). For Friday Hills, the guys are bringing you to Lillian’s stomping ground, Cole Valley. Meet at 17th Street & Shrader Street. Here Lilster’s advice about the area, so please bear this in mind:

“Very quiet residential area so would be good to give everyone a heads up to stay quiet. Parking along the streets there (keep eye out on street cleaning signs) but would recommend biking or running there instead.”

FRIDAY HILLS…  17th Street & Shrader Street… 6.25am

lillian Stivers




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