I Like Watching the Puddles Gather Rain (DEN)

As the Beatles once said, “I can show you/ That when it starts to rain/ Everything’s the same”, kind of like the way that the DEN tribe showed up, kicked ass and gave hugs just like any other Wednesday. As Toto once said, “It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you/ There ‘s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do/ I bless the rains down in Civic Center Park….” Because let’s face it, even on dark dreary mornings like this when you may want to hit snooze and spoon your pillow, you don’t. You don’t because you know that your tribe will be there waiting for you, counting on you, no matter what. That verbal contract means a whole lot more than your pillow. I mean come on, your pillow doesn’t even talk to you— unless you’re on drugs. I digress.  The point is, we all have lives filled with work, family, friends, chaos, planning, scheduling, but we still just show up because it takes a lot more than that to keep us from our tribe. Character was tested this morning, but once again we proved our weatherproofness, threw some rap on the beat box and crushed today’s workout, as we’ve done every Wednesday for ONE YEAR (almost), and will continue to do every Wednesday For. Ev. Er.

**Disclaimer: the above post does not apply Keith Smith, Andrew Cooley, Josh Cooley, Piper Cooley, or Jimmy Bader-Cooley. You all broke your verbal contract. I don’t want to jump to conclusions and say I’m second guessing your weatherproofness, but that’ exactly what I’m doing.

FRI 6:15A we’ll run hills in the Highlands, meet at Hirshorn Park on Tejon St at 30th. LeuitanantGeneral will be on business at #ECSWI, so you will be in the capable hands of Elizabeth Jarrard, our favorite Boston Convert .

WED 5:30/6:30 Stairs

THURS 5:30p Happy Hour!! Details to come!

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