The Wandering Tribesman by David Reich of Everywhere (North America)

Just fuckin’ show up. That’s the mantra. Who cares what shape you’re in – just fuckin’ show up and you’ll get fitter, give and get hugs, scream like a lunatic, perform silly human tricks, meet some wonderful people and become part of a community the likes of which has rarely, if ever, been seen before.

But what happens when “things get in the way” of showing up? Family – of course – Keep It Tight and keep the priorities in order and balance. Work – oh yeah, that too – we need to pay for all of the new running shoes, post workout breakfasts and clothing to be tagged. But what happens when that four-letter word (work) sends you away from your familiar Good Mornings, Hugs, Bounces, Booms and sweat and joy? Well, as luck would have it, BG and Bojan have nurtured this continent-wide movement, and hell, if you get creative, you can figure out how to make work travel coincide with NP tribes!

But it’s even more than that. You see, as a world traveler, I’ve been in plenty of places where I’ve felt a little out of my element – try Casablanca – it’s NOT like you saw in the movie 😉 or Ukraine these days (what a trip). Most times and places I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin wherever I am, but all too often, I have to be out of town, and usually the travel is solo. Hell, that’s why Hard Rock and Starbucks stores do so well. It’s a taste of home wherever you go. Well, guess what? It’s the same with November Project!

I’ve had the good fortune to manage my work travel to visit several tribes recently such as San Diego and Washington DC just this week, and sure, that BG booming voice is one of a kind, but going to these other tribes is just like being home (and even better than visiting family because you’re not fighting about who sleeps on the couch). Hugs from family you’ve never met before and a warm, welcoming, comforting feeling of familiarity, even if you only met these people 5 minutes ago.

Now, it takes a little work and a bunch of dedication, but sooooo worth it. You know the when. Blogs tell you the where. Sending a FB message always helps to get you going. But getting there? What cities’ trains run at what hours, can you finagle your work travel to stay at a hotel within reasonable distance (And no excuses, even driving in for 45 mins is worth it, trust me), rejiggering your meeting schedules in the morning (after all, someone is paying for you to visit the other tribes, better make sure you do what they’re paying you to be there for ;-), finding a place to park nearby if you need to drive (Hello, Lincoln Memorial) can all tempt even the most diehard NP’ers to leave out the verbal and just go to the hotel gym. But it is all of this planning and figuring out how, when and where in unfamiliar cities that makes it even more worthwhile.

Seeing new faces, just as happy to have you there as you are to be there, warm welcomes, new ways to torture the human body and have fun at the same time makes you feel right at home. I’ve had the good fortune to meet Lauren and crew from San Diego, Dan and Steve and a wonderful crowd at our nation’s capital (I’ve been itching to say that), and even there, meeting Sydney, the ringleader of the Baltimore tribe whom I’m bringing out to Brookline next Friday! With the travel I’ve got to do, and how much I miss Frogman1’s, In and Outs, Tours, Hills and Destination Decks, I can always find where to get my fill of Memorials and sunrises and I can’t wait for the trips to San Fran, Philly, LA, my old stomping grounds of NYC and as many others as I can finagle trips for.

The familiar Good Mornings, Birthday song mangling and mashups, Booms, Fuck Yeahs, and hugs from as-yet unmet family are even warmer than staying under that blanket on chilly mornings. The tribe IS strong, is everywhere, and it’s ALL home.

I am the Wandering Tribesman, seeking out November Project Tribes wherever life takes me. No matter where you need to travel, just fucking show up, to your home away from home.

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