Couple’s are Back.

This wonderful post was written by Co-Leader Angelo.


The tribe is family, the tribe is together!

The Hollywood Bowl is in a state of overhaul, receiving a little face lift in preparation for a summer of concerts and shows.  The tribe is greeted this morning with the peaceful, relaxing, ambient sound of… construction.  The air rings with the pounding of hammer on nail, the buzzing of saw on wood, the beeping of trucks in reverse, and the chatter of familiar men in hardhats.  And although the peaceful blowing of breeze and chirping of birds is drowned out, the tribe is close enough to whisper our good mornings, arms shoulder to shoulder, shuffling our feet.  But of course, this whisper only lasts for so long, as the tribe takes off, breaking into hoots and hollers, running our little impromptu construction obstacle course warm-up.  The tribe is ready to get down and inevitably dirty as we bring forth our inner animal.  Piggies ride the backs of their partner, bears roar as they climb the hill, and little crabs scurry to the entrance of the stadium.
Today, we bear hug a member with whom we’ve never shared a partner day, and get ready to take it back to a tribal favorite we’ve coined, “Couple’s Retreat”.  With some 90s hip-hop jamming in the background the clock starts and the tribe is off, charging the stairs like there’s no tomorrow.  It may not be Friday night, but the feeling’s still right, at NP LAX, this is how we do it!
Today’s “Couple’s Retreat” consisted of four staples in our roster; as one partner takes two laps up and down their claimed stairwell, the other is busting out squats, planks, burpies (everyone’s favorite!!), and v-ups.  After 25 solid minutes of intense work that would make any athlete nice and sweaty, we gathered down at the base of the stadium to wrap things up.  But wait, we’ve still got some time, “Everyone on your stomachs and into plank position!”  After holding planks for 60 seconds, its a Mad Dash up the stairs to the top of the bowl.  What better way to round off a good workout than with a frantic sprint.
 We then gather in close for a handful of announcements, first and foremost, our coveted BananaPhone award.  We value each and every one of our fellow tribesmen and women, but this Wednesday special recognition went to a member who has been with us since day one; a powerful force of positivity, encouragement, killer dance moves, smiles, and a mean burpie!  Lauren Cortizo will be making the trek to Boston this weekend to join the dozens of other tribe members from around the nation in support of that wonderful city by the sea, all of its lovely people, and the idea that community, camaraderie, support, and passion trump any and all negatives the world may present.
Go pound the pavement Lauren.
Go pound the pavement Lauren.
Boston is strong, humanity is strong, we as collective community of positive force can do truly incredible things.
And don’t forget: Saturday, April 26th, we will all be gathering together, draped in our #grassrootsgear , fitted with smiles and happy feet at Runyon Canyon for a little rally and run.  Destination location: its a secret! I can tell you, however, beer may be involved, excuse me, WILL be involved.  Along with some arts and crafts to prepare our recruitment papers for the following morning.  Bring whatever thin, scrap cardboard your can scrounge together, and of course, your bright, beautiful, smiling faces.  We will then all meet at the Hollywood Farmers Market Sunday morning, eat some fresh fruits and veggies, and start spreading the glorious word of November Project Los Angeles.  See you there!
#justshowup Wednesdays @6:30AM, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California. #np_lax
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