The Vibe is Strong (BOSTON)

Today’s workout on Summit Ave was simple: 5 burpies in both parks passing the top of the hill as we went “up and over” Summit Ave for a total of 45 minutes. Who were we trying to impress? Well, our dude David Wiley of Runner’s World was in the house… so was PaauulllLeak, the co-leader of NP NYC (On his 4 hour Boston visit from New York City – his Peter Pan Bus dropped him at 5:00AM downtown Boston and he got back on to head back to work in NYC just before 10:00AM) on his mission to personally feel out the vibe of the mother tribe… Let’s see… Oh yea, mother freakin’ FOX25 was in the house shooting a LIVE broadcast from our workout (They just found out about our plans for World Takeover and are pumped). But in the end, the most important people to show up for are not the visitors or the cameras or the hype. Today I made my way to November Project for Steve Hallman, Elin Flashman, Scott Gilroy, and today’s #PositivityAward winner Melissa Morotto (photo below), just to name a few of the regulars. The consistent members are doing an amazing job keeping the faith throughout the winter and are going to feel like champions come spring.

This tribe is strong as always, but with the extra sunshine, the amazingly warm hugs, all inside a sea of steam and new friendships, THE VIBE IS STRONG.

MONDAY’S #DESTINATIONDECK LOCATION: The Institute Of Contemporary Art (ICA). Get there and start your week right.

PA Melissa

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