San Francisco Awoken To Sounds of Lions and African Chanting

Many didn’t know Barnum The Dog before this morning, but Barnum has a long history with Bernal Heights. You see, months ago, a few of your favorite (or least favorite, depending on your preference) runners went to Bernal Heights for a little NP extracurricular activity and Sam Livermore thought it would be a great place for Barnum to stretch his 2 inches legs. Not 10 minutes after arriving, Sam shouts “BARNUM? BARNUM? BARNUM! GUYS! BARNUM FELL OFF A CLIFF!!”

The animal lovers out there may hate this story. But let me preface it with letting you know Barnum is alive and well. The oversized squirrel dog had tumbled 40 feet to the road below and was now casually looking UP at his owner. Probably thinking “You bitch. Look what you’ve done.”

At the end of the day, Barnum survived and continued terrorizing dogs 80 times his size, Sam is still trying to figure out how Barnum fell off a cliff, and Laura is still laughing.

After spectacular views from this morning’s workout and even better company, I wish you all a fabulous weekend. Be kind to one another. Except Ben Fox. Can’t stand that kid.

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3 Replies to “San Francisco Awoken To Sounds of Lions and African Chanting”

  1. Is there a November Project group up in Marin? Are you even still active in San Francisco and if so, what are the ages that show up. I am 65 and the above picture doesn’t look like I fit in.

    Many thanks and I heard your program on NPR this morning. Great and encouraging.

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