The True Story of the Emily Murphy Hill (YEG)

Someone asked me today why we run at Emily Murphy Park (no one really asked me that), but we should probably all get on the same page about it. Who is Emily Murphy? You likely know about her from her battles to have women recognized as persons in Canada, or you might have heard about her stance on eugenics. But did you know that she may or may not have run that hill every day? Every day she would put on her Sunday dress and run the hill 8 times. Back then, it was not a paved sidewalk, where runners and horses were separated by different coloured pavement, and 14 tall metal poles allowed everyone to see. No, it was a dirt trail that was shared by cows, people, horses and trees. She slowly gathered a few of her friends to join her in this run. They began with hugs, and ran the hill 8 times. One cold morning 87 years ago, with 5 of her friends (one might call that her tribe), instead of taking a group picture, they met at the top of her hill post workout. They didn’t stop at the street sign but went a bit further. If you keep going on that hill, you’ll eventually get to her house. Here, the five of them signed the petition to make women real persons. Women are real persons in our city because of the bonding that was formed on that hill. While that sinks in, remember, that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when one of the 16 November Project cities meets to build our community, we are all at the start of something great. We are all making our cities, provinces, states, countries, planet, galaxy and universe a better place. (Is the galaxy bigger than the universe or is the universe bigger than the galaxy? Does anyone know a website where I can get the answer to this question?). Jen, can you please make sure this gets added to the grade 11 curriculum? Thanks!

Now that you have received your history lesson, here’s your completely unrelated, but awesome and extremely rewarding homework that will be assigned to you on Wednesday.

Tonight, we are meeting at MEC at 7pm and then the Pint Downtown at 9pm. Everyone can come. If today was your first day, you can come. If you haven’t come since that morning at the Legislature in September, you can also come. See you there.

Victoria Park seems like a good spot to bounce on Monday at 6am.

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