High-Flying Homework by November Project North America

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YOU HAVE HOMEWORK! That’s right. You have an assignment that must be done… and it must be done well. #HighFlyingHomework will be executed in every single city by the sixteen November Project tribes. It will be fun and awesome and a little dangerous. To make this idea creatively competitive, High-Flying Homework will involve everyone in each tribe in an welcoming way, but there will be a clear winner in the end… Also, someone may end up jumping from a plane or helicopter for the win.

1. Post a photo of yourself wearing your #GrassrootsGear completely suspended in air to your respective November Project Facebook wall. Yes, selfies are allowed but your audience will be specifically looking to see that you’re not hanging, dangling, or balancing. “High-Flying” means fully suspended in air.
2. Again, post your photos to your tribe’s Facebook wall. Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat are all awesome, however we’re going to gather the pics that are officially posted to Facebook only.
3. Photos will only be evaluated if they’re posted between Wednesday 4/30, 6:29AM and Wednesday 5/7, 6:29AM and tagged #HighFlyingHomework.

After each member has turned in his or her homework, each set of co-leaders will identify the most LIKE‘d photo of their tribe and pass it on to the mothership tribe here in Boston. We’ll post the album with every tribe’s winning photo and sit back and see which photo is the strongest in North America. The winner of the overall contest with the most LIKE’s from the mothership album will win a flight to Boston to train at Harvard Stadium this summer (If the winner is from Boston then we’ll be flying you directly to Downtown Indianapolis).

See some examples below and read about what they’re missing…

GG on Esther L
Even though Esther Lofgren (above) is an Olympic Gold medalist from the London Games in 2012 she would get an F+ on this photo if she’d posted it for High-Flying homework. You see, the boat gliding through the water is not High-Flying. If she’d have traded water and rowing for air and totally flying… she’d have gotten a much higher grade. The “+” is given because if you look close she IS wearing #GrassrootsGear.


We love what Co-Leader of November Project San Francisco, Laura McCloskey, is doing in this photo. But, if she were to turn it in as High-Flying homework she’d get a D- as best. As you can see, the photo was taken just a split second too late as she face planted the muddy ground after flying through the air in an attempt to win a vigorous game of sharks and minnows. You lost, Laura, and now you fail the homework as well. Best luck next time.

In Summary: Take photo in #grassrootsgear flying through the air->Post to respective FB page between Wednesday 4/30, 6:29AM and Wednesday 5/7, 6:29AM ->Continuously “like” and “unlike” everyone’s photos to play games with their ego

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