The Weekend of Love and Racing (BOS)

Instead of jumping over stuff and things we went back to the basics today – 4Full hills of pure volume. The crowd of well behaved grownups, babies, and their dogs got to enjoy brisk spring air, bright sunshine, and blooming trees on both sides of the Summit ave. I’m sure that residents of the Town of Brookline and their public safety department were as grateful as I was to see the neon ninja parade tearing up the pavement without making a single noise. Well done boys and girls, well done.

This weekend we get to cheer on few of our high-octane racers that will travel to New Jersey for a chance to qualify for 2015 Boston Marathon. Run fast, race hard, and most importantly – have fun out there!

Don’t forget that you have a . Use next few days to come up with some amazing ideas for #HighFlyingHomework and blast that shit all over the facebook! Not on facebook? Highjack your neighbor’s/sister’s/friend’s/stranger’s account and post it!

Giant congrats to our dear friend, a leader of November Project Milwaukee, and a better looking of the two Graham boys, Dan, on getting married this weekend! DG we wish you and Meggie tons of love and happiness!


On Monday we’re meeting at John F Kennedy Park. #WeekendEarned

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