The Tribe is FAST

We raced our faces off.  We raced our asses off.  We raced each other.  We raced ourselves.  We raced the clock.  We raced our expectations.  We RACED!  everyone wants to see how racey you got…put your time, sections, and self in the NP Tracker today!

Last Wednesday of the month people and it was fierce.  It was fast.  It was EPIC.

Let’s not even talk about my unisuit / singlet / onesie / super amazing racing suit that made me super fast today (I only mention it because so many of this weird, wonderful tribe commented on my stellar gear choice today).

Let’s not even talk about the massive 5:30 group that was actually equal in size to the 6:30 group.

Let’s not even talk about the league of fast ladies who raced each other during the 5:30 group (and they’re really really fast)

Let’s not even talk about the paint crew who tagged #GrassrootsGear and the DJ who pumped out #SickBeats during both 5:30 and 6:30 workouts. I’d thank their asses, but we’re not talking about it.

Let’s not even talk about the sunshine, the hugs, and the birthday dancing.

Let’s not even talk about the Newbie group that had 30+ new tribe members at 6:30.

Let’s not even talk about the insane number of people who set PRs this morning.  You’d think I asked, “who wants ice cream for breakfast?” when you saw the number of people who raised their hands, instead of “who set a PR?” FUCK YEAH, my friends.

Let’s not even talk about the RECORD BREAKING DAY we had this morning.  Not one, but TWO stadium records fell this morning, which means this tribe is getting faster.  The tribe is really fucking fast.  Congratulations to Ildi Gaal for setting the NEW Full Tour record (37 sections) for women at 22:22.  The previous record was set and held forever by the very first NP tribe member, Sara Wild, who now needs to come and throw down!  And Congratulations to Daniel Grady Jackson for setting the NEW Frogman1 record (50 sections) for men at 26:35 (holy shit that’s fast).  Brogan Graham used to hold this record (forever) and since we’re not talking about it, let’s just say that a good sign of co-creating a powerful movement is when the next generation of the movement exceed what the founders created.  I think new records is proof of #worldtakeover and a community that is exploding with potential.  BOOM.  Nice job BG & Bojan.  Well done Tribe.

And let’s not even talk about the Community of NP that showed up in Boston and in 18 other cities in North America this morning for world-changing free-fitness.

Let’s not even talk about it. Let’s just show up, race, hug, get faster, and do it together.  Let’s keep showing up for EPIC, fast and amazing days like today.  Let’s spread the word of mouth, the tweets, IG gold, and FB lore. And let’s take over the world with kind, fit, fast human beings.


530 group photo 630 group photo

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