Wooderson Farms Hogtie Games (DEN)

One day each year it is Feastivus Day for the November Project Denver Tribe. That Day was today.

It is the day when the news media shows up in throngs just to sneak a glimps of our world-taking-over-FREE-fitness-movement disguised as an are-we-really-working-out workout. Internationally known vendors line-up along our Civic Center Park playground like fiends of the Tour De France wishing and hoping to nourish the NP5280 tribe post workout. They brandish us with free lottery tickets, snacks, discount coupons, BURRITOS, Dunkin’ Donuts, coffee, fruit, taggable t-shirts, mugs…. you get the gist. It is the day when all of your November Project crazy bliss is on display for the entirety of “Active Denver.”

Yes, yes, yall, today was Bike To Work Day.


Aside from the once a year publicity that we diligently ignored until after our workout, November Project 5280 got wet and wild on the fresh grass of the Civic Center Amphitheater. Positivity was awarded, PACE lead a bounce, Woody got his worm on, and we pushed each other through a workout that was high in volume. Yes, high volume from the amplified beats presented by DJ Julia G, and high volume from the relentless mash-up of exercise stations, plank-boat-chairs, and “Dance Dance High Fives”.


Not sure what the frick I’m talking about. You shoulda been there. VERBAL!


Lt Flanniel

FRIDAY : 530/615A : On the Convention Center Stairs we build More Muscle. (Speer & Champa)


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