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My dad has always been an early riser. Working two jobs, both full time strenuous endeavors, meant that the only way he could really pull it off was to get up before the rest of the world. Anyone who ever asked him about his schedIMG_9579ule was always quick to deem it crazy. ” You wake up at 4am? I couldn’t do it!” In fact, to my high school self being up that early to do anything seemed cruel, downright inhumane  and something I was quite sure I would never force myself to do.  There is nothing in the world that is worth getting up that early for. 

But it turns out there is something that is worth getting out of bed for, and it’s not necessarily November Project. November Project is a catalyst maybe, or as one newbie told me this morning ” it’s good motivation to get out of bed.” But getting out of bed requires something that is not always universal and makes each one of you unique. You have to want to be a better version of yourself to set your alarm for 4am. 

When I was in high school getting up at 4am seemed ridiculous, not because I didn’t want to be better, but because life hadn’t happened yet. But jobs and relationships, family and kids….life happens and sometimes it’s all you can do to just hold on. Making yourself better is hard. Getting better at your job, losing 5 pounds, shaving 3 minutes off your P.R, starting a company, practicing classical guitar, making new friends; these things aren’t easy to pull off.

IMG_9631Now that i’m a little older I have come to understand that.  It’s for that very reason that i’m now the one setting that 4am alarm clock. Life is hard and if you want to keep enjoying it and making yourself better, you have to start by getting yourself out of bed. I set the alarm because being surrounded by people like you, who are also willing to dig a little deeper and set the alarm  makes me better.

Here is my point. Today, whether you finished 1st or dead last, you woke up and did something to make yourself better. Maybe it hurt, maybe you hated every minute of it, maybe you’ll never come back, but you did it. You woke up because some part of you said, “yeah, I think i’d like to get faster today, I think i’d like to meet some new people, I think i’d like to just do something new.” You deserve all the credit in the world for that. When I talk about “taking big bites out of life” that’s what i’m talking about. People who are willing to say yes to life and actively approach the task of making each day better. Stop a second and take some pride in the fact that you’re that type of person.

To everyone who raced this morning, thank you for running your hearts out. To everyone who came and supported and donated time and resources, (Gundalow Juice, Diamondback Beer, Kelly from Whole Foods, Mercedes and her cans of paint) thank you for building our awesome community. To everyone who is reading this and hasn’t yet set the alarm, go ahead and set it now.  I think i’m going to go try and beat my old man to the coffee this week.

As always, Take Big Bites Out of Life.




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