Everything that we do is measured, timed or counted. First reasons we do this is for the good ‘ol bragging rights. You know the sort of “I just broke 20 minutes for the round of 37 sections” bragging that 99.99% of population couldn’t care less about.

Second reason is little more scientific – not that we’re any sort of scientists – but you can’t really track the progress unless you’re measuring deliverables. If you are noticing that your running times are dropping and your stadium tours are becoming easier than you’re probably doing something right. We strongly encourage everyone to keep a workout journal, a spreadsheet, a log book, whatever you want to call it, just track your workouts and measure your improvements.

Third reason we track results is the motivation. Records are meant to be broken and what better way to motivate yourself than to gun for your workout buddy’s deck of cards time.

Here is the list of current records. In order to make the record official, the member of November Project™ staff needs to be present while you’re attempting to break it. Other options are making a youtube video of your effort, bringing the note from the parent or a teacher confirming the validity of the score or just have a buddy, that knows someone, who knows someone, that one time hangout with November Project™ staff member to vouch for it.

Wall of Excellence

Workout                                                               Time                       Name
Stadium Tour – 37 sections                       17:21                     Tom Stark (11.29.17)
Stadium Tour – 37 sections (ladies)      20:23                    Leah Eickhoff (9.27.17)
FrogMan1 – 50 sections                             25:53                    Tom Stark (6.21.17)
FrogMan1 – 50 sections (ladies)             28:55                    Leah Eickhoff (4.5.17)
Sunrise 6k                                                          18:54                     Pádraig Ó Laoghaire
Sunrise 6k (ladies)                                          21:45                    Abbie Attwood
Relay Man – 74 sections                            34:30                    Brian Frake + Capoze

Workout                                                              Reps                        Name
Sebastian                                                          150                          Evan Dana

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