The Tangled Webs We Weave…


Oh Presidio Park… the tangled webs you weave. The webs that we tear down with our faces from the creepy spiders in the wee morning hours, the web of spooky stories that become a tangle of myths, lies and legends of our dear, deer Lucy and, of course the webs of human interaction that go down here at November Project.  The push up high fives, the awkward squat Jack stares, and the moment you lock eyes with your partner before the race to the center to start all over again.  Man oh man, my brain is now feeling like a sticky iky web because I’m not sure where I was going with this…. hmm let’s see…


(I think Angie just spotted Lucy!)
Oh yes, by golly I got it!  This magnificent, magical web that we call November Project!  We are a crazy web of colorful, positive, fun loving, community building, running fools! Think about this web for a second, it is really wild what each and everyone of you contribute to it, how far it expands, and how beautiful it is; no matter how dirty we may get.  This would be nothing without all the different attributes each individual tribe member brings to it.  The magnitude of passion and awesomeness may not be the same without this movement literally crossing countries and consuming thousands of people.  And we most certainly wouldn’t be considered as good looking if Lucy was not part of the tribe.

So when you are running breathlessly up that crazy steep hill for the burnout finisher remember that web. That web that surrounds you, your tribe.  Stick with them and let them help you get to the top!  We are all in this together and together we are one strong web!


Way to Go Hailey Hoistie! Not to be confused with the Hanson Brothers, Chantel or Craig!


Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

Try to read this in brail:
1) Seriously shut your eyes!
2) It’s Our 2 YEAR BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WEDNESDAY!!!  Wear Pink, Green, Blue or Yellow!
3) 200 people on year 2!
4) Bring friends, family, treats, decor- let’s celebrate!
5) Better then Bed Time is on Nov 8th-marknyo Calendars

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