Votex & Vote Day (YEG)

Today is all about the vortex and the vote.

I love the vortex workout, I know I probably write a very similar blog post each time we do this workout but it’s because it’s so much fun to find out the quirkiest things about you guys!

  • It was no one’s birthday today but we sang “Happy Birthday” anyway.
  • There are a lot of you who show up in the morning wearing clothes pulled from the dirty laundry basket.
  • I hope with all the expired food in your fridges that you all make it to Wednesday’s stairs.
  • We have a lot of singles in the crowd, who knows what those extra long hips in hugs this morning could tun into.
  • I also hope that those of you who are surviving on cereal and popcorn for dinner have enough energy to make it Wednesday morning.
  • Buffs are a popular piece of attire – here’s hoping there will be another NP buff…
  • And for everyone old enough to vote today…get out and get your vote on!

Here’s what’s coming up…

Wednesday – bounce commences at 6AM sharp at the base of the Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Bounce commences at 6AM sharp at the base of Walterdale hill

Sunday, November 8th – Better then Bedtime – that’s all you need to know for now…just save the date!

Until next time…SMILE! J

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