The sun rose and we 6k’d (DCA)

Two things that humans have been able to count on since the beginning of time. The sun will rise (over the flat earth) and November Project will run 6Ks while it happens (over a smaller section of flat earth).

We pushed the tribe this month to build our community. To build it in numbers and size, to get more people out running Lincoln logs, having hills for breakfast, scoping out new Friday locations and racing 6Ks at sunrise.

The tribe recruited. You recruited everyone. And one of the COOLEST things about today, was not that a TON of humans showed up, but that WHEN a TON of humans showed up, the things we know and count on, were not totally shattered. The Earth didn’t suddenly become round and not the center of the universe today.


People out to their first, their millionth, their 37th November Project raced their butts off and hearts out, came across the finish line winded as fuck and turned right around to cheer in the next person. And then did that for the hundreds of people that came after. THEN, when cheering didn’t feel like enough, you made a finisher’s tunnel. AND, when a finisher’s tunnel didn’t feel like enough, you planked the finisher’s tunnel. THEN AND WHEN planking the finisher’s tunnel didn’t feel like enough, you one-arm planked the finisher’s tunnel to high-five the finishers.



We’re not just getting bigger. We’re also getting stronger (and not just in the sense that you were able to one arm plank a tunnel). It was pretty rad to be a part of it and this free fitness movement this morning. Pretty rad indeed.



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